Millennium Mini Murals


The Mack Avenue Green Thoroughfare (Green-T) MILLINNEUM MURALS project is a part of a larger strategy to deal with the problem of Detroit’s numerous vacant, blighted and underused commercial corridors.

The (Green-T) Millennium Mini Murals project will complete a series of 7 (seven) art installations along the Mack Avenue Corridor, between Conner and Chalmers. Artistic concepts include hand painted designs on 2 (two) neighborhood street electrical boxes and the installation of 5 (five) mini murals located in the Connors and Chalmers target area. We will be working with local artist, Walter Bailey who will complete this project using funding from PNC. Baileys work captures bold colors and themes celebrating diversity and inclusion. He is active in the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s (DEGC) REVOLVE Detroit program which strives to activate Detroit’s vacant storefronts with transformative businesses and art installations. Bailey has also worked with Detroit’s Carr Center, won awards from Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and completed murals, exhibitions and shows in Detroit, Chicago and Miami SCOPE International.

Designed by award winning Concept Designer Walter A. Bailey of Detroit, Michigan, Millenniums Mini Murals are free-standing artworks for interior or exterior green spaces and places. These low maintenance, eye catching, unique structures are durable, full color works for permanent or removable installations. Each Millennium is designed to enhance any natural or enclosed environment and blends perfectly in a number of landscapes including but not limited to; shaded or open public walking areas, residential neighborhoods and business spaces. Millenniums are also effective for blocking blighted areas or enhancing specialized interior decorum. The mini murals represent original “hand produced paintings” inside of the artist’s signature acrylic polymer medium and are held in place by natural wood support legs secured with decorative standoff spacers. Once completed, Millenniums will greatly contribute to the “Made in Detroit” and “Pure Michigan” art themes for current and future generations.

Across the world, public art has proven to be extremely effective in regard to the enhancement of public transit. To make public transit more appealing and comfortable to use along the Green-T, Millennium Murals will be installed in close proximity to bus stops along the Mack Ave corridor between Conner and Chalmers. Final exact locations of Millenniums are to be determined.

We have selected 2 (two) of the 4 (four) street electrical boxes on Mack Ave to be hand painted – blending in beautifully with the overall concept and design of this installation. Locations of these electrical boxes are as follows;

Corner of Mack Ave and Chalmers – South
Corner of Mack Ave and Conner – North


For more information regarding the Mack Avenue Green Thoroughfare Millennium Murals Project contact

Wendy Caldwell

Green-T Project Coordinator

(313) 331-3205

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