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LAND, Inc. Mission, Vision and Leadership

Mission and Vision

LAND, Inc. in a Michigan 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that acts as a catalyst for high quality,  innovative, sustainable, community-prioritized development. We share our vision statement with our parent organization, Eastside Community Network. That vision is: The Eastside of Detroit is a Community of Choice.

  • A variety of safe neighborhoods provide options for living: dense residential zones, spaciously large lots and urban homestead areas offering alternative energy;
  • Vacant land is repurposed, with naturescapes, blue and green infrastructure and job-creating investments;
  • Beautiful green thoroughfares connect all the neighborhoods with strategic shopping centers, community-serving institutions and village hubs;
  • The economy is strong, with a diversity of jobs for local residents of all ages and skills;
  • Residents can move around easily through greenway paths, walking, biking, buses, light rail, driving corridors and complete streets;
  • Accessible, high-quality schools abound, graduating young people who are truly prepared for college and life;
  • Healthy lifestyles for children, youth, families and visitors are supported by vibrant parks, a system of greenway paths and an unsurpassed regional complex at Chandler Park;
  • Neighborhoods are ethnically and culturally diverse and inclusive and residents feel a strong sense of neighborhood identity and ownership.

Residents, businesses and institutions are investing their time, talent and resources because of their pride in the Eastside community.

Board of Directors

Michael Rafferty, Chair – Michigan Nonprofit Association, Resident
Richard Walkowski, Secretary/Treasurer – First Equity Realty Corporation
Donna L. Givens, President – Eastside Community Network, Resident
Alan Scott White – WISE Real Estate, Resident
Najahyia Chinchilla – Gensler, Resident
De’Onna Henderson – Detroit Housing Commission
Warren Palmer – Stonehill Investments
Dara O’Byrne – Detroit Future City, Resident
Marlowe Stoudamire – The Butterfly Effect Detroit, Resident


Donna Givens- Interim Executive Director
Nicole Perry – Property Manager
Elizabeth Stutts – Property Maintenance
Manson Lee – Property Maintenance
Morris Hudson – Property Maintenance

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